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Microsoft Teams Conference Room Equipment

As remote work becomes the status quo, businesses have an obligation to ensure they can connect teams effectively and seamlessly no matter where they are. This is especially true for hybrid workplaces, where in-office employees need to be able to collaborate with workers as if they were in the same room.


SimpleUC offers a wide range of Microsoft Teams conference room equipment designed specifically for this platform. From enhanced cameras to microphones, having Microsoft conference room solutions built especially for the Teams software ensures the highest quality teleconferencing and the smoothest integrations. Our inventory includes mini PCs such as the Yealink MCore Pro (MCOREKIT-C5) as well as complete setups such as the MVC S60 Microsoft Teams room system. When you have Microsoft Teams rooms hardware connected to one easy-to-use platform, meetings can be streamlined and productivity boosted.

Benefits of Microsoft Teams Conference Room Systems

Choosing from our selection of Microsoft Teams rooms devices means you can experience a number of benefits that will ensure your meetings will be focused on business — not struggling through tech support. The advantages of this equipment include:


  • Scalability for every application, whether the room is large or small

  • Easy configurability so devices work together seamlessly

  • Ability to start meetings with a single keystroke

  • Enabling full participation for all attendees regardless of their locations

  • Superior audio/video quality and long equipment life

  • Comprehensive data protection for security

  • Integration with third-party platforms for easier guest participation

  • Comprehensive reporting functionality for troubleshooting

Why Work With Simple UC?

We offer you more than just the best inventory of Microsoft Teams meeting room devices. When you work with us, you’ll also gain the benefit of our extensive expertise when it comes to Microsoft Teams conference room equipment. Our goal is always to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction in everything we do. We work closely with you to choose the right setup for your specific needs and offer expert guidance on installation, controls and room preparation.​

Keeping your offices connected at all times requires the right equipment and the knowledge to make the most of it — two things that you’ll always find at SimpleUC. We’re also your complete source for Zoom room equipment. To learn more about everything we have to offer, get in touch with our representatives today.

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