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About Us

We’re SimpleUC

So, your office needs a new communication system – but you need it to be simple. No problem. We are SimpleUC.

At SimpleUC, we provide audio, video and unified communication systems to help workplaces share information. That means video conferencing, audio conferencing, meeting presentations, network systems, even card access for building security – any system that helps your organization collaborate and act as one.

Technology made easy

Our mission is simple: make technology easy. We understand that businesses today are operating in a uniquely complex tech environment, and there’s little time to get to grips with it all. At the same time, these systems represent a significant investment – and you need to make the right choice.

That’s why we’re here. We deliver pre-engineered systems that serve your conferencing or network needs with maximum efficiency and minimal stress. Our expertise in implementing these systems, gained after thousands of installations, means we have a unique understanding of how to simplify and streamline this process.

First, we ensure that our systems are so intuitive you can set them up yourself, if you choose. We package our systems and provide easy installation diagrams. You can also pre-program your system and configure a room on your own. Typically, this is something that only skilled technicians can do. But we’re breaking new ground in our industry and allowing you to take back control over your own systems.

Where a bespoke system could cost tens of thousands just for programming, our solutions prove much more cost-effective by taking these expensive elements (programming, engineering and sometimes even installation) out of the equation. This enables us to provide best-of-breed systems to businesses who would otherwise be put off by the large up-front time or cost investment that’s usually required. Plus, we ensure consistency by providing the highest-quality hardware and software, so you know your system is truly reliable.

When you purchase a system from SimpleUC, you’re not just getting a video or audio conferencing system: you’re getting an experience with a predictable outcome. It’s simple, cost-effective and totally hassle-free.

Our story

SimpleUC grew out of our sister company, Innovative Environments, which uses a bespoke approach to design, program, and install workplace solutions for large to medium-sized companies.

Taking this bespoke approach has been hugely successful, but we’ve realized that it doesn’t work for everyone. Many businesses are looking for a simple, efficient option to meet their communication needs, and they’re being under served by the technology providers out there – including us.

So, we decided to take all our learnings from Innovative Environments, and create an on-line hub where businesses can learn about communication systems at their convenience. Instead of a long consultation process, you can explore your options and choose the right one for you, which we’ll then deliver. This is easier, cheaper, and speeds up the time to installation – so you can benefit from your system quickly.

About our founders

Our founders Russ and Doug Wolfe have over 60 years of combined experience in the fields of commercial audio, engineering and installation as well as visual and IT design. Both brothers have been part of some of the most highly recognized and respected companies in the industry.

Now, they’re on a mission to change the industry from the inside-out, providing simple and efficient systems so all businesses can share information and collaborate with minimal hassle and cost.

Are you ready to join them?

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