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Zoom Room Conference Equipment

Working remotely has become the new norm in the wake of the pandemic, and Zoom has led the way as one of the most popular platforms to connect remote workers. There are plenty of reasons for this, chief among them being Zoom’s user-friendly functionality and ability to work seamlessly with many telecommunications solutions. If you’re looking for the best Zoom room equipment to help you make the most of the platform, look no further than SimpleUC. We have a wide selection of Zoom conference room equipment from top manufacturers. These Zoom room devices make it easy to set up any size room with all the capabilities your business requires.

Certified & Scalable

When you choose us for your Zoom conference room hardware, you can rest assured everything we offer is certified to mesh seamlessly with the software. Not only do these devices meet the highest standards of quality, but our expertise means we can help you choose the specific Zoom room appliances that are right for you. Whether you’re looking for high-definition cameras, audio solutions or the total package, we have the Zoom-certified solutions that can transform your meeting spaces.

Why Choose SimpleUC?

Buying your Zoom room hardware through us means you’ll get much more than the latest technology from the leading names in the industry. You also gain the benefit of our expertise and support. We can guide you through the process of installing your equipment so you will be sure to get the most out of your purchases. Simply put, we’re the best source for Zoom equipment as well as devices made specifically to integrate with Microsoft Teams. If you want to learn more about everything we have to offer to create your ideal Zoom room, take a look at the product listings on this page and then get in touch with us today.

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