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Video Conferencing Cameras

A cutting-edge 4K Dual-Eye Intelligent Tracking Camera designed for medium and large rooms. Empower your meeting space with the UVC86, featuring a dual 4K camera and an array of AI-driven functionalities such as Auto Framing, Speaker Tracking and Presenter Tracking, ensuring precise reproduction of every moment and detail.

A high-definition PTZ video conferencing camera tailored for medium and large rooms, with impeccable display quality. Experience true-to-life communication with this 4K PTZ camera’s flawless display and integrated audio. The UVC84 captures every detail, ensuring a perfect reproduction of every moment.

Discover the Yealink UVC84, a 4K PTZ camera designed for medium and large rooms, boasting impeccable display quality. With integrated audio and auto framing features, the UVC84 faithfully captures every detail, ensuring lifelike communication experiences. Elevate your video conferencing setup with the UVC84 for seamless and immersive meetings.

Remote work is no longer a rarity, which means businesses need to make sure their teams can connect wherever they are. SimpleUC provides the highest-quality video conferencing cameras available on the market today, with products that can work for virtually any type of meeting space. Whether you have a large room or a huddle space, these modern conference cameras provide high-definition video that makes everyone feel as though they are all in the same space. They can be installed almost anywhere, including mounted on a TV, set up on a table or attached to the wall or ceiling. Best of all, these cameras for Zoom meetings, Google Meet, Ring Central or Microsoft Teams integrate flawlessly with your existing teleconferencing software.

Wireless Conference Cameras of the Future

When you shop for conference room cameras through us, you can rest assured you’ll always find state-of-the-art equipment. These intelligent conference room webcams come equipped with AI-driven features that include speaker tracking, automatic framing and movement, presenter tracking, digital zoom and more. The meeting room cameras we offer are all capable of 4K resolution for exceptional visual clarity and synchronize with your microphones with zero lag or scratchy audio. From simple desk cameras to full systems, we have the solutions you need.

Why Choose SimpleUC?

Our webcams for conference rooms come from some of the most trusted brands in the industry, including Yealink. This means whatever you find through us will exceed standards for cameras and provide you with the highest levels of performance. When integrated with our conferencing phones and other equipment, these create the ideal setup for your teleconferencing needs. To learn more about what we have to offer, take a look through our product listings on this page.

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