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PanaCst 50

PanaCast 50 is packed with game-changing Jabra technology to upgrade the hybrid meeting experience and make sure everyone can see and hear clearly.


Our inclusive 180° field of view shows more of your space than any other video bar on the market, and our signature world-leading professional audio gives everyone equal say, so the conversation flows naturally between virtual and in-the-room participants, just like when they’re sat right next to each other.


But what really sets PanaCast 50 apart is its unique AI-powered adaptive architecture which keeps your device at the forefront of video technology for evolving user needs. It also drives the intelligent features to help you follow exactly what’s going on – whether you’re sat anywhere in the room, or dialing in from afar.


With PanaCast 50 you don’t have to be in the room to be at the heart of the meeting.

PanaCst 50

SKU: Jabra/8200-232

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