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Yealink MVCS90-C5-007

The MVC S90 set comes standard with two UVC86 cameras, which can support 12x optical zoom-in and intelligent follow-up shooting. On the MTouch Plus control panel, through Yealink RoomConnect, the cameras can be controlled independently and switch layouts. You can combine the MVC S90 with the MVC-BYODExtender, you only need to plug the USB cable into the PC to freely use the audio and video equipment of the entire system, and you can convert the Microsoft Teams meeting room into a multi-functional meeting room. In addition, multiple sets of MVC S90 series products can be combined through a network cable to build a conference room system that can be flexibly merged and divided.

Yealink MVCS90-C5-007

SKU: YEA-MVCS90-C5-007

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